Cartea ”Forțele armate și societatea” este utilă, în primul rând, profesorilor și studenților al căror obiect de studiu îl constituie sociologia militară, forțele armate și societatea, relațiile civil-militare, studiile de securitate, relațiile internaționale, managementul crizelor sau sociologia generală, dar și cercetătorilor acestor domenii.





“This volume offers a useful contribution to the study of national security policy in Eastern Europe, reminding us that while no magic formula exists, security studies fundamentally require intelligent and strategic discussions.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski, counsellor and member of the council Center of Strategic and International Studies, Washington.

Luciana Alexandra Ghica and Marian Zulean offer to the academic environment, mass media and large audience an excellent collection of researches regarding the concepts, the problems and the fundamental developments of national security. This work is a model of analysis for the security researches, more and more interested of nation and region neglected in the period of bipolarity.

David R. Segal, Honoured lecturer and doctor in Center of Research on Military Organization, University of Maryland.

Military and Society: civil-military relations at the beginning of the third millennium

National security policy. Concepts, institutions, processes.

Army and Society in Transition: Relationships between Civil and Military and Security Policy in Romania after 1989

Public Policy

Army and Society


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