Dr. Marian Zulean is Professor at University of Bucharest, where he teaches public policy classes, policy of national security and social policy.

He holds a Master in MPIA, University of Pittsburgh, doctorate in sociology and a postdoctoral Fulbright Fellow in the department of sociology at the University of Maryland.

His area of expertise includes the analysis of public policy, the international security and the civil military relations. In the period 2001-2008 he held the title of expert in the Presidential Administration’s departments: International Relation and National Security, Officer in the reserve, specialized research.

Among his latest publications:

  • National Security Strategies within Euro-atlantic area (Tritonic, 2015)
  • The National Security Policy, ((Ed. Polirom, 2007)
  • “From National, Through Regional, To Universal… The Security Sector Reform in Romania” co-autor, în Global Determinants of Defense Reform: Defense and Democracy in a Globalized World, Ed. T. Bruneau and H. Trinkunas, (Palgrave, 2007)
  • “The military in post-communist countries in transition”, în G. Caforio (ed.), Social Sciences and the Military (Routledge, 2007)
  • “Civil-Military Cultural Gap in Romania”, în G. Caforio & G. Kummel (eds), Military Missions and their Implications Reconsidered: The Aftermath of September 11th (Elsevier, 2005)